Board Advisor, Growth Consultant, Interim Manager. 20+ years of global experience in Luxury, Wines & Spirits, Personal Care, Retail, Consumer Electronics
Keynotes, Panel moderation and participation in health-tech, new technologies, AI & Big Data, future and foresight
Entrepreneur in services, events, education and digital tech. Coach to entrepreneurs, Start-up Mentor

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20+ years of international experience, on the advisory and client side. Growth through innovation, branding and commercial excellence.


Strategic Branding,
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HealthTech, InsurTech, FinTech
RetailTech, SpaceTech, AI


Co-design, Co-creation
Open Innovation, Innovation Culture


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Keynotes, Panel moderation and speaking. Conference and/or in-company events


Growth Advisory, Innovation Consulting, Strategic Branding, Route-to-Market, Co-creation

Interim Management

Refuel growth on brands. Build an Innovation Culture. Commercial Turnaround

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Board member, Advisory Board, Innovation Board, Not-for-profit Board


E-comerce Start-up, On-line Foresight Research, Advisory boutique


Book Author, Published Academic Research, Business Opinions

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I had a great pleasure to worked with Filiberto on behalf of DIAGEO to deliver analysis of Vodka category in Bulgaria and Lithuania. I was very happy with Filiberto engagement during analysis making (clearly established objectives and project plan) and with results themselves. Filiberto had not only delivered insights but also recommendation on how to use those for brand benefit. He is a great marketer and amazing person to talk to being able to explain complicated and complex ideas clearly. Plus he has a great sense of humor which makes working with him even more pleasant 🙂


I had the pleasure of working with Filiberto on several projects. He is a highly organized, goal oriented, independent and always able to get the best from the other team members. Filiberto is able to work in a fast-paced environment, and he shines when creativity and analytical thinking are required.


Filiberto is a well rounded senior manager who got to grips with some serious business challenges. Although marketing focused he has a strong understanding of general management issues. Good on business tactics and superb on strategy. Filiberto has strong interpersonal skills and is culturally sensitive which makes him an asset to any organization.


I had the pleasure to work with Filiberto while he was a consultant at Auberon and during his time at Philips. Filiberto is a true marketeer, with the ability to see the forest through the trees from the onset of a project. He helps to motivate and elevate junior members of the team to bring all to the next level.

Filiberto has the strength to stand by his convictions, which remain true to the consumer and/or market viewpoint. His outside-in thinking ensures that any organization is more competitive and responsive to external forces.


I worked with Filiberto on a number of innovation projects during his time at Philips. Filiberto has delivered breakthrough insights, by mastering innovative techniques such as co-creation and ethnographic research. More importantly, Filiberto has the ability to make these insights readily available to a larger community of marketers and product managers. Through those insights we have established a number of consumer relevant platforms for future innovation developments.

In addition to his technical mastery and strategic thinking, he was an important change agent: he was never afraid to challenge the “we don’t do it this way” mentality, by coaching, mentoring and ultimately converting to a consumer centric approach, many colleagues as well as C-level execs.

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