News “In the B2B context you describe, the analysis is far less complex, because B2B clients who answer surveys tend to be much more rational and thoughtful in their answers. Therefore, if the “price” does not rank first, then the conclusion is that the price is not the most important

As branding and innovation consultant Filiberto Amati commented “When you rely on market research to predict the future, and researched is modeled around insights from the past, and not on creative intuition and insight, the abyss is right in front of you.” Source: News

Filiberto Amati, founder of Amati & Associates, says, “Appreciate your clients/customers. Thank you notes, thank you gifts for onboarding new clients and/or discounts to your most loyal customers can speak volumes. Even something so simple as recognition on social media for your most loyal customers can be valuable.” Source: News

Firma Amati & Assiociates w Warszawie we współpracy z Advisium Growth w Barcelonie( rozpoczynają serię warsztatów wspierających firmy w repozycjonowaniu marek poprzez uwzględnienie korzyści społecznych w swoich strategiach.   „W standardowych działaniach – marketingowcy pozycjonowali swoje marki poprzez wykorzystanie trzech zestawów korzyści: technicznych, funkcjonalnych oraz emocjonalnych” – tłumaczy Filiberto Amati,