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With a Master Degree in Commercial Engineering from Federico II in Naples, Filiberto started his career in Procter&Gamble, in Belgium in 1997, working in generating strong and proprietary consumer insights in the laundry and fabric softener consumer marker. He left the company in 2001 to pursue a MBA degree at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, from which he graduated in 2003.  Following his immense curiosity, during the summer of 2002 Filiberto participated in the MBA summer program of Lehman Brothers combining rotations at their London and Milan offices. Upon graduation he stayed in Barcelona, where he free-lanced for luxury design agency Plush and for premium cosmetics companies. In 2005 he joined Auberon Growth Consultants in the Netherlands and relocated to Amsterdam, where he had the opportunity to work for local stars like SBS, and international corporations like Heineken and Philips. At the beginning of 2007 he started a new adventure in Philips – as interim Sr. Director of End-User innovation – helping the consumer electronics firm in defining an ambient living strategy and fueling a more consumer-centric approach to innovation. Upon the end of his contract he joined Gruppo Campari, for whom he worked in Monaco, St. Maarten, Mexico and Brussels, with increasing commercial and marketing responsibilities for North America, Central America and finally the Netherlands. In 2011, he become a member of the ILLVA Saronno family, as Regional Director for Central And Eastern Europe, before relocating to Poland and launching in 2012 Amati & Associates: a boutique consulting specialized in marketing, innovation and international expansion, with more than 30 projects in 20 different countries. In 2015 he received a DBA from INE PAN – Institute of Economics at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Former Employers

Procter & Gamble, Lehman Brothers (internship), Auberon Growth Consultants, Philips (interim), Gruppo Campari and ILLVA Saronno

Former and Current Clients

Boheringher-Ingelheim, Grupo Damm, Efes, Heineken, Iglo, Lunch Garden, Philips, Revlon Professional, Sab Miller, Top Employers,…

International experience

Lived: Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Montecarlo, Netherlands, Netherland Antilles, Poland and Spain

Extensive Project experience: Canada, Emirates, Germany, Great Britian, Russia, US, Central America and Caribbean,…


What I am passionate about:



Commercial Excellence

Publications and Public Speaking

Articles, Books, Speaches and Blogs

indexBoth his consulting experience as well as his PHD research, give Filiberto an opportunity to learn in-depth about innovation and branding. And he is delighted and lucky enough to share these experiences as a speaker (e.g. PAN, Esadecreapolis, Kompania Piwowarska/ SAB Miller Poland) or through a number of on-line publications, for which he is a guest blogger: among others Esadecreapolis, America-Retail, and Innovation Excellence. Moreover Filiberto’s  research has been featured on and he have been interviewed by CEO Blog Nation, Health News Digest, the Examiner, The European, and the Entrepreneurs Podcast Network. While most of the PhD research is on co-creation, innovation and co-innovation, Filiberto also published his first book in June 2014. Co-creazione:Mistero Risolto! is a journey on co-creation which aims at helping the readers in asking the right questions about co-creation, so that they can find the most compelling answers on the topic, based on their own specific needs and constraints. The book, currently in Italian and english, is available for purchase on Amazon and specialized bookstores.

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